10 Best Travel Backpacks for Women3 min read

By Ben Griffin

Hiker Extraordinaire

Not all backpacks are made the same.

Sure, they all serve the same function, but when it comes to finding a travel backpack for a woman, it is difficult.

You want one that is comfortable and provides enough padding so that it doesn’t hurt your shoulders or back.

Sure, you can find backpacks that can be adjusted to fit your particular height.

But even those are created for a man’s figure.

So how do you find a travel backpack that will fit you, a woman, and still be functional and practical? We’ve done all the research and found out the best travel backpacks for women.

Things To Look For When Buying Women’s Travel Backpack

Here are the keys to finding the best travel backpack

1. Material

When looking for the perfect travel backpack you need to figure out where it is you want to go.

Are you taking a plane trip to another state and just need something to carry your personal items? Are you looking to go hiking in the backcountry and expect different weather conditions? You see the material plays a major role in what kind of travel backpack you should get.

You don’t want a backpack that is cotton when you are headed to the backcountry and it rains.

Cotton will just get bogged down and soak everything in your sack.

But if you are on a flight to a different city and will be indoors most of the time, then cotton will work just fine.

You need to be aware of the material so you can make an educated decision on which kind of travel backpack you need.

2. Straps

Another thing you need to look for is the straps.

Do you want a traditional backpack with two straps or something more like a sling? Do you need your straps to be padded for added comfort? Maybe you need them to adjust to fit your size.

Straps are an important part of finding the right travel pack to suit your needs.

If you know you aren’t going to be wearing your backpack very much then you don’t need to worry about the padding.

But if you want the backpack to be used for all and any occasions then you will need to look into the straps of the sack before you purchase it.

3. Storage Space

Storage space is another thing you will need to pay close attention to when picking out your travel backpack.

You don’t want to get a rucksack if all you need is a mini bag to get you through a couple of hours on the trail.

Plus you wouldn’t want a small tiny little backpack that is only good for storing your personal items if you are going out on the trail for several hours.

The space that you need is defined by where you are going, and how you want to use your backpack.

Remember that not all travel backpacks are the same.

Some offer one main pocket while other provides multiple pouches and pockets and compartments to store your gear.

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