The 5 Best Rain Pants for Women’s Hiking3 min read

By Leah Gresh

Weekend Warrior

Looking for the best waterproof rain pants? You’re in the right place.

In this article, I’m going to show you my picks for the top 5 rain pants available today in 2018.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

The Shortlist My Top 5 Rain Pants for Women

Rain Pants Best Feature My Grade
Patagonia Torrentshell Pants Durable, totally waterproof, and a relaxed fit. My first choice. A 🏅
Outdoor Research Women's Aspire Zippers that make putting on boots easy A
Arc'teryx Beta SL Pants Women's High quality, athletic fit B
The North Face Women's Resolve Pant Great value B
Columbia Storm Surge Pant Another Great Value B

^^Below, I’ve written more detailed reviews, but you can click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why Are Best Rain Or Waterproof, Pants Important For Women For Hiking?

As I always say the best verdict of rain pants is their lightweight and anytime ready to use property.

This property will make all you ladies fall in love with rain pants.

Despite any type of adverse climatic condition, you can walk comfortably.

Further, it provides you proper aeration and ventilation.

Being a woman I can easily understand what types of other problems a lady can get during hiking or trekking.

For such natural problems too, rain pants are easily fittable.

You can even use them at night as night cloth for your gear during sleeping.

Due to its fabric, it also lets you sit wherever you want to.

It is a multi-use piece of gear.

Thus, rain pants are important for every ladies out in hiking as it protects you from rain and wind chills.

It makes you feel warm, dry and clean defending you from getting hypothermic.

How To Choose The Best Rain Pants For Women For Hiking?

Rain Pants are all designed to keep you dry and clean from drizzle and light rain.

Further what you look in rain pants are their protection and support.

Still, there are other technical things that you need to consider while purchasing rain pants.

The things that I am mentioning here will certainly help you to choose best rain pants for you.


There is a test which an industry conducts to determine the waterproofness of a garment.

It is known as a hydrostatic head test.

In this test, an open tube is placed at the top of the fabric and filled with at least 5000 mm of water.

If no leakage occurs, the material is labeled as ‘waterproof’.

Thus, the normal rating of waterproofness is 5000 mm but the ratings can even reach up to 20,000mm.

Breathability Rating

Along with property of waterproofness, the pants should have proper breathable property.

Because it is necessary to let perspiration vapors escape and get protected from drenching.

It is measured by many technologies.

For normal rain pants, the breathability ratings are from 1,500g to 5,000g.


We all know it is not an easy job to hike in rain.

And when you do rain pants will help you a lot.

Thus, another important factor while choosing your rain pants is their materials like their fabric layers and seams.

Fabrics that are mostly used are Gore-Tex, Pertex, and Polartec.

These fabrics’ come with variable layers either 2-layer, 2.5-layer or 3-layer.

These layers directly affect weight, breathability, durability and waterproofness of the garment.

2-layers fabrics consist of an outer layer of a coating and in some cases, a loose liner might be added.

Weather protection is same but it is heavier.

2.5 layer fabrics consist of a face fabric of a coating and a non-fabric material inside as the protection.

This design is the latest and provides good protection.

The 3-layer design consists of a face fabric, a membrane (with no coatings) and a liner.

It is mostly used by alpine climbers due to its superb durability.

It is the most expensive one.

Common Features

Now, let’s talk about the common features.

It includes

  • Adjustable waist (for comfortable fit)
  • Interlock lining (for proper aeration and ventilation for keeping you cool)
  • Half leg side zippers (for extra comfortability)
  • Weight and Packability (for easy carrying during the journey)
  • The Verdict

    There you have it.

    If you have any questions for me — or any experience with any of the rain pants mentioned, please send me an email Til next time!

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