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By Ben Griffin

Hiker Extraordinaire

You should always dress up according to the occasion.

And when the occasion is a hike, you should wear a pair of good quality hiking pants.

Sure you look good in your normal pants and they are just so great.

But what you need to comprehend is that when it comes to hiking, you just cannot wear the usual, ordinary pants and expect to excel in the travel.

Hiking is all about adventure, sweats, strains, tough-grounds and loads of fun.

There is much risk and uncertainty pending that you simply cannot neglect having all the right gears with you.

And one of the most important gears of hiking are hiking pants.

Hiking pants are tough, durable and will protect your body against the rough surroundings and weather.

Bear with me as I take you into the world of hiking pants and by the time we have reached the end of the article, I am sure you will be yearning to buy a pair of hiking pants for men for your next hike.

The Shortlist The 5 Best Rain Pants for Men

Hiking Pants Best Feature My Grade
PrAna Stretch Zion Pant Double cargo pockets, water resistant, and super durable, I wear these all the time. A 🥇
Columbia Silver Ridge Pant Zips off at the knee A-
Outdoor Research Men's Ferrosi Pants Wind resistant B+
The North Face Men's Straight Paramount Relaxed fit and very durable A-
Craghoppers Classic Kiwi Pants Great value B

^^Below, I’ve written more detailed reviews, but you can click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why Are Hiking Pants Important?

Hiking pants are tough and durable compared to the normal pants.

In tough conditions, your normal pants are likely to give up and tear apart.

On the contrary, hiking pants will protect you and keep you safe.

You are more than expected to move around a lot during hiking.

In such a case, wearing normal pants are sure to cause you chaffing and irritation.

Therefore, hiking pants are the better alternative in these cases as they will allow you to have great freedom of movement and will not cause any kind of irritation or chaffing to your skin.

Hiking pants have all the right qualities which are required for a hiking gear.

They are weather resistant, comfortable and easily portable.

Moreover, hiking pants have more number of pockets which is a great advantage as you can keep your things safe and carry more number of objects with you.

Hiking pants are versatile.

Some of the hiking pants such as the Northface Paramount Peak II Convertible pants or the prAna Stretch Zion Convertible pants can be converted into shorts whenever required.

Also, you can easily wear the hiking pants for normal travels or whilst sitting at home as well.

How To Choose Hiking Pants?

In order to buy the best hiking pant, you want to keep the following factors into consideration.

1. Material

Generally, hiking pants are made from either nylon or polyester.

Nylon is majorly used because it is durable and abrasion resistant.

Polyester dries quickly and wicks moisture well.

Manufacturers also tend to add spandex in the fabric in order to make the hiking pants stretchable.

You want to search for the hiking pants which has got top quality materials, is breathable, quick drying and wicks moisture well.

2. Pockets

As I have already aforementioned, hiking pants will have more number of pockets than you regular day-to-day pants.

These pockets range from a quantity of 3 to 8 or more even at times.

Go for the pant which has the required number of pockets to store your accessories while hiking.

Also, make sure that the pockets are deep and spacious, and zippered.

Do not choose a hiking pant whose non-zippered pockets’ taper as there is the great possibility that the things inside this pocket will fall down when you sit or squat.

3. Weight

Always choose a lightweight hiking pant as you will be walking for a long period of time and hence you do not want to get tired easily.

Moreover, lightweight pants are easier to carry in your backpack as well.

The hiking pants meant for winter are made up of thick materials and may be heavy.

However, you can choose the hiking pant which you feel has just the perfect weight for you.

4. Other Features

Other than the aforementioned features, you can go for hiking pants which are wind and water resistant, convertible to shorts, comfortable, stylish and so on as per your preference.

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