The 10 Best Headlamps3 min read

By Ben Griffin

Hiker Extraordinaire

Hiking and trekking are all about risk and adventures.

You never know when you may have to camp at night or start the journey even before the first rays of the sun have hit the grounds.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to always have a source of light while travelling.

The problem with using flashlight is that since one of your hands will get occupied, it becomes very difficult to try to accomplish tasks using the one free hand.

Even the simplest tasks such as lighting a matchstick to kindle a fire or taking your maps out from your backpack become an ordeal.

Therefore, it is time to toss away the torchlight- well don’t toss it away for real because it comes in handy, but you know what I mean- and get a headlamp.

Since headlamps are strapped on your forehead, both of your hands are free and you will be able to carry out your tasks with ease.

Headlamps are very convenient and useful.

They are also in great trend right now.

I think headlamps are a must gear for trekking and hikes.

When Do You Need a Headlamp?

Headlamps are so much better and practical than normal flashlights.

As stated above, the best trait of headlamps is that they allow both your hands to be unoccupied.

And we all know how important it is to have both our hands free and available when in a hike or even during normal travels.

Another great quality of headlamps is that some headlamps are even waterproof and snow proof.

They are lightweight and portable as well.

Headlamps today have red light mode in them.

As a result, the light illuminated from these do not cause our pupils to shrink.

This feature is great for nighttime as we will be able to see clearly.

Headlamps provide steady brightness and illuminate the path which makes it easier to see the path ahead and walk without falling down.

Headlamps are great for home usage as well.

They come extremely handy when you need to search something in the attic or even just go out of the house during night time.

How To Choose The Best Headlamp?

Headlamps are all about their performance and convenience.

So while choosing a headlamp, you will need to keep the following factors into consideration which will help you in purchasing the best lamp from the available options.

1. Battery And Battery Life

The first thing you will have to look in a headlamp is its battery and the battery life.

You can buy headlamps with either rechargeable or changeable batteries, depending on which one suits your need the best.

If the battery life of your headlamp is short and you have to constantly recharge the battery, your whole trip is bound to get tedious and irksome.

It is fatiguing to even imagine charging your headlamp every few hours.

So go for the headlamp which will run for at least 12 hours without having to charge it.

2. Brightness

As I have aforementioned, your headlamp must provide steady brightness.

The brightness of the headlamp must reach at least 60 meters ahead and you should be able to see everything clearly inside this radius.

Go for the headlamp which has at least 100 lumens brightness.

3. Weight

Headlamps are worn on the head.

So choose a headlamp which is lightweight and portable.

You should not get a headache by wearing the headlamp.

Thus I highly recommend refraining from heavy weight headlamps.

4. Water & Weather Resistant

You never know when the weather will change and it will start raining or snowing.

Despite the harsh climatic conditions, we do not stop our journey.

So why should our headlamps stop their work? There are numerous headlamps available in the market which are wind, water and snow resistant.

It is always a good idea to stick to the non-risky side and go for a headlamp which will be able to withstand rain and snow.

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