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By Ben Griffin

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If you or your kids live in a city where the tap water has issues (like a chlorine aftertaste) or you will be hiking in a remote location without guaranteed access to clean water, a filtered water bottle is a solid choice.

A filtered water bottle uses a built-in filtration system to clean water of bacteria, viruses, and other stuff you wouldn’t want to ingest.

Reusable water bottles have the added benefit of reducing the plastic waste that disposable drinking cups cause.

Below, I give you my picks for the best filtered water bottles, along with some tips about when other filtration methods are better.

Ready? Let’s go!

Best Filtered Water Bottles in 2018

Filtered Water Bottle Best Feature My Grade
LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle Replaceable filter, strong bottle. My first choice. A πŸ…
Aquamira Frontier Highest quality filter, removes 99.9% of bacteria, etc. A-
OKO H20 Lightweight and a great value B
WaterBasics Filtered Water Bottle Great value B+
Refresh 2go Great choice for low maintenance filtered bottle around the house B

^^Below, I’ve written more detailed reviews, but you can click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

A Brief History Of Water Filters

Filtered water bottles are all the rage today.

With the cost of bottled water going up and increasing worry about the contents of our reservoirs, the popularity of filtered bottles only makes sense.

The desire for clean water is not a new one, though.

In fact, human beings have been filtering water for thousands of years.

In fact, human beings have been filtering water for thousands of years.

Ancient Sanskrit documents dating back to the year 2000 BC actually depict plans for a heat-based water filtration system.

Around 500 BC, the Greek physicist Hippocrates began studying the healing properties of H20.

He figured out that, since the human body is made mostly of water, people could benefit from drinking more of it.

He invented a primitive filter, similar to today’s coffee filters, to sift out dirt and sediment.

More than 2000 years later, in 1627, Sir Francis Bacon undertook the task of filtering the salt from seawater.

Although his experiments failed, they opened up new opportunities for future scientists.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, water filtration was a space of huge innovation.

We saw the first home water filters in the 1700’s, the invention of filtered water pipes in the early 1800’s, and the introduction of chlorine a few decades after that.

Today, of course, we have access to the most powerful water filtration technology that’s ever existed.

We have filters on our shower heads, our kitchen sinks, and perhaps most importantly, our personal water bottles.

How To Choose The Right Filtered Water Bottle For You

There are so many filtered water bottles out there.

How do you choose the right one? Well, there are a few questions to ask yourself before you make a purchase.

What type of filter is it?

There are all kinds of water filtration methods.

Some bottles, for example, use a carbon filter to sift out debris.

With these bottles, you simply pour the water through the layer of carbon.

As the water sifts through the cracks, the carbon layer catches all the nasty stuff so you don’t drink it.

Other water bottles feature a UV filter.

These bottles contain an ultraviolet light that kills bacteria and germs.

They give you much cleaner water, but they don’t catch the dirt or improve the taste.

And, unfortunately, they tend to be a bit more expensive.

What are you using it for?

Water bottles are usually created for a specific activity.

Some are made for hiking.

These tend to be large bottles capable of carrying a lot of water.

They also usually have a stronger filter that can clean even the muddiest lake water.

Gym water bottles, on the other hand, are usually a bit tamer.

They’re generally much smaller than hiking bottles.

They’re also built to filter tap water, not water from a natural source.

As a result, they cost a lot less than hiking bottles.

Things To Consider When Finding the Best Filtered Water Bottle

But how do you pick the best filtered water bottle? There are so many on the market today that it can be a bit daunting to find the right one.

There are a few things to look for and consider before you buy your filtered water bottle.

Your Water Source

Well, first you need to know what kind of water source you want to filter.

If you are an avid hiker and camper looking to filter water from a stream, river, or lake and know that water is dirty, you will need a more powerful filter.

You should look for a water bottle that guarantees 99.999% of the contaminants will be removed from the water.

Stages Of Filtration

Many filters utilize carbon to clean the water of impurities.

Some even have different stages of cleaning the water to make sure nothing is left but clear crisp water.

When you are out in the middle of nowhere you don’t want to be taking any chances with your water.

You want a filtered water bottle that will clean out everything.

Amount of Water

You don’t want a small water bottle that won’t go the distance especially if you are out hiking miles at a time.

You need to know where you are going and know that you need at least 8 ounces of water per hour.

This is especially true in extreme temperatures like deserts.

If you are out hiking in extreme weather, you need to be able to bring with you a lot of water.

Always double check the size of the water bottle before making a purchase.

Plus you should always bring more than what you think you will need.

Which Filtered Water Bottle Should You Buy?

Filtered Water Bottle Best Feature My Grade
LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle Replaceable filter, strong bottle. My first choice. A πŸ…
Aquamira Frontier Highest quality filter, removes 99.9% of bacteria, etc. A-
OKO H20 Lightweight and a great value B
WaterBasics Filtered Water Bottle Great value B+
Refresh 2go Great choice for low maintenance filtered bottle around the house B

^^Below are the detailed reviews!

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Sleek design with carabiner attached, the LifeStraw Go is the filtered water bottle I personally use.

It was the first and best filtered water bottle I’ve had.

Filters are inexpensive and easy to swap out, and I’ve never had an plastic aftertaste when filtering water.

Pro List πŸ‘

– Bottle holds 23 ounces
– Beats the EPA standard for removing contaminants
– Clean tasting water

Con List πŸ‘Ž

– Problems reporting with leaking from cap
– You must suck hard to get water
– At first, the filter itself gives water a plastic taste

See The LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle on Amazon

Aquamire Frontier

The Aquamira Frontier has a 99.999% effectiveness rate when clearing water of harmful stuff, including bacteria, viruses, etc.

The “flow rate” is 500ml per second, which is the highest of any water bottle reviewed.

Many people have mentioned how effective this bottle is and I have had the same experience.

Pro List πŸ‘

– 99.999% effectiveness rate when clearing water of harmful contaminants
– Fast flow rate for water when you need it
– Easy to transport

Con List πŸ‘Ž

– Problems have been noted about a leaking cap
– Water is hard to suck from straw

See The Aquamire Frontier on Amazon


A simple, sleek water bottle that works great for lightweight hikes and around the house if you are looking for very clean drinking water.

Looks very similar to a regular water bottle, so a low key addition any day trip or home.

Pro List πŸ‘

– Sleep Design
– Good value
– Upgrade filter available

Con List πŸ‘Ž

– For higher contaminant water, this bottle is not suitable
– The filter tends to clog

See The OKO H2O on Amazon

WaterBasics Filtered Water Bottle

The WaterBasics bottle is just what its title suggests, a great value bottle that’s has a fast “flow rate” with a sleek design that’s easy to transport.

Another great choice if you want extra purity for water around the house, not just on the hiking trail.

Pro List πŸ‘

– Spill proof design makes the common leaking problem a non issue with this bottle.

– High quality filter removes contaminants to 99.9999%

Con List πŸ‘Ž

– Like the other bottles mentioned, the WaterBasics requires a lot of sucking to get water out
– Cap has been noted as not staying attached to the top of the bottle by some (not my experience)

See The WaterBasics Filtered Water Bottle on Amazon

refresh2go 22oz Sleek Filtered Water Bottle

This bottle is the best choice for someone who just wants something simple for around the house.

You can wash it in your dishwasher, the piece is BPA free, and it looks just like a regular water bottle.

Pro List πŸ‘

– Sleek, thin design that’s easy to hold
– Easy to carry design let’s mouthpiece fold in lid

Con List πŸ‘Ž

– Some reports of the filter and straw disconnecting
– Again, many reports of the bottle being hard to suck water from

See The refresh2go 22oz Sleek Filtered Water Bottle on Amazon

The Future of Filtered Water Bottles

After reviewing these water bottles, I had to let you guys know some of the really cool technology that’s coming up in this world.

Who knows if these will actually work, but I am stunned at how cool some of these water filters and flittered bottles are.

A coconut filtered water bottle . may be enjoyed under the shade of the coconut tree,

No bottle necessary – a filtration straw.

A beautiful, well designed water carafe for your home

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