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By Leah Gresh

Weekend Warrior

It is that time of the year again.

Chilly mornings, snowy days, cozy nights, freezing weather and oh no, cold and wet feet! Having cold feet no matter how many socks you stack on top of your feet is a situation all of us are too familiar with.

I still remember those dreadful mornings when I would have to walk to my college in snowy weather and all I could think about was how cold my feet were.

This was the case for many years until that one day my friend introduced me to snow boots.

Snow boots are particularly made to be worn during winter and hence do fantastic job at providing heat to your feet and keeping them dry as they are weather protectant.

And since the day I bought my first pair of snow shoes, I have never looked back.

So today I am here with my ten favorite snow boots for all you ladies.

Not only are these snow boots waterproof, but also super cute and attractive.

Stay with me as we dive into the world of snow boots to find the perfect pair for you to wear this winter.

The Shortlist Best Cute Waterproof Boots

^^Below, I’ve written more detailed reviews, but you can click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why Do We Need Snow Boots?

Normal shoes and boots will never be able to provide you with the required warmth and protection in chilling weathers.

Snow boots are particularly made to be worn in freezing weathers when the grounds and roads are covered with snow.

Hence, the snow boots have thick outer cover, insulation and temperature for warmth.

They are equipped with treads on the outsole for better balance and stability to walk on the slippery and snowy paths.

Snow boots are mostly waterproof and hence you will not have to worry about your feet getting wet.

The snow boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable in the harshest of the weathers.

They are soft, durable, lightweight and breathable.

Another great feature of snow boots is that since they are secured and protective, you will have fewer injuries and sprains.

Moreover, we are talking about CUTE waterproof snow boots.

So you are sure to receive tons of compliments on the style and design of these boots.

How To Choose Snow Boots?

1. Warmth

The first thing you want to check in the boots is whether they are warm enough to be worn in winter or not.

You want to pay attention to the insulation and the temperature rating of the boots.

Most of the boots will have their temperature rating mentioned in their features.

If the temperature rating of a pair of boots is -20 degrees then that pair of boots will keep your feet warm up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

You also want to ensure that both the material and sole of the boots are thick.

Boots with fur lining or gusseted tongue help to keep the snow out and provide extra warmth.

2. Comfort

The second feature to look for is whether the boots are comfortable or not.

The snow boots must provide you with the required coziness.

You must be able to walk in them for a long period of time without feeling tired or hurt.

To ensure that the boots are comfortable, check the insoles and confirm that they are either padded, have EVA technology or are soft and cushiony.

You also want to buy boots which have secured lacing because only then will the boots be comfortable enough for you to walk around for a long period of time.

Also, a perfect fit is a must for comfort when it comes to snow boots.

3. Traction

Walking in snow means the danger of sliding and slipping.

Hence, the snow boots must have thick outsoles with detailed treads for better traction, grip and stability.

Generally, the outsoles are made up of rubber and sometimes are made up of synthetic materials.

4. Support

The next thing to consider is how much of support is provided by the boots.

You must get plenty of ankle and arch support from the boots.

In most of the cases, a higher boot shaft ensures that much support is offered by the boots.

So pay attention to the shaft height of the boots and opt for the boots which have higher shaft.

5. Other Features

You want to check the waterproofness of the boots.

The boots must be lightweight because you will be walking for a long period of time in them and hence the boots must not tire you.

The boots also need to be breathable and durable.

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