Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags for Kids3 min read

By Ben Griffin

Hiker Extraordinaire

Looking for the best sleeping bar for your little hiker? Look no further.

In this article, I walk you through the best sleeping bags for kids.

Though I don’t have any kids of my own, I enlisted the help of my nephew and niece (Thanks Joey and Erica!) in reviewing these sleeping bags.

Let’s go!

The Shortlist My Top 5 Sleeping Bags for Kids

Kids Sleeping Bag Best Feature My Grade
Kelty Big Dipper Very comfortable A 🏅
Lucky Bums Youth Explorer Best for very cold weather B+
Coleman Coleman Kids 50 Degree Multiple Colors B+
Slumberjack 40 Great Value B
Kelty Big Dipper Washable and comes with a stuff sack B

^^Below, I’ve written more detailed reviews, but you can click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why Are Backpacking Sleeping Bags Important For Kids?

Most of the people may not want to invest in a sleeping bag for their kids because of two major reasons.

The first reason is that kids grow up very fast and hence replacing the gears time and again can become infuriating, not to mention costly.

Secondly, we tend to consider Kid’s Sleeping Bag as unnecessary and somewhat of a “luxury” product.

However, a little research is sure to convince you that Kid’s Sleeping Bags are not just “luxury” items and actually serve a bigger purpose than just being cute.

Kid’s Sleeping Bags are smaller in size.

As a result, the space inside the bag is small which means that heat gets captured better in these sleeping bags.

The Kid’s Sleeping Bags are less drafty and provide more warmth and coziness to your child.

As a result, your child is bound to fall asleep faster and sleep better in a sleeping bag which is meant just for him/her.

Kid’s Sleeping Bags are lightweight so that the kids can carry these bags around easily.

Your kids will be able to place the sleeping bag anywhere and fall asleep easily.

Sleeping Bags for kids generally fit a person up to height 5 feet.

So you may not have to replace the sleeping bag as often as you may have imagined.

With proper care, your kids will be able to use the same sleeping bag for quite a time.

How To Choose Backpacking Sleeping Bags For Kids?

Choosing a sleeping bag for your kid is not much different than choosing a sleeping bag for adults.

The following features have to be kept in mind while choosing a Kid’s Sleeping Bag.

The Verdict

My top picks for the best sleeping bag for kids are the Kelty Big Dipper 30 Degree Sleeping Bag and the Lucky Bums Youth Explorer 10 Degree sleeping bag.

The Coleman Kid’s 50 Degree Sleeping Bag comes close to being my top pick as well.

The Kelty Big Dipper 30 will be a go to bag for kids during summer, autumn and spring whereas the Lucky Bums Youth Explorer 10 is perfect for winter camps.

These sleeping bags are filled with so many excellent features and are some of the best sleeping bags you can ever lay your hands on.

So, go ahead and pick a sleeping bag which will be ideal for your kid.

Also, don’t forget to check out my article on “The 10 Best sleeping Bags” to find the perfect sleeping bag for yourself.

When you find the perfect sleeping bags for your kids and self, you can go on hikes together and enjoy the benefit that these beauties have to offer.

Do not forget to share your and your kids’ experiences with me.


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