5 Best 3-Person Tents For Camping13 min read

Looking for a 3 person tent that actually fits three people? Well, you have come to the right place.

After all, when you are going shopping for a particular item like a tent and it tells you on the side of the box that it fits two people and you buy it, you expect it to fit that number of people. It isn’t until you get out to your camping spot that you find out that it doesn’t really fit two people comfortably. Now isn’t that annoying?

You would think that if it says it will fit two or three people, then it will with no problems. But all too often you will find that even though it does fit said amount of people, your nights feel cramped.

Well, to help you along and guide you to tents that actually fit three people here is a list of three person tents that not only fit three people but provide enough room for your gear as well.

5 Best 3-Person Tents (Reviews)

1. Wnnideo 3 person Backpacking Tent

With the Wnnideo 3 person tent, you won’t have to worry about not having enough space. You will find that this water resistant tent offers you more room than your average 3-person tent. Perfect for storing that extra gear, food, or whatever else you want to keep protected from the elements.

The Wnnideo is constructed with oxford coating flooring which allows you to be as rough as you need to be. You won’t be overheating in this tent due to the nylon material used for the tent which allows excellent ventilation. You can also open up the mesh windows to circulate more air during the night or day.

Setting up the Wnnideo is simple and takes less than 10 minutes with its free standing pole system. The hook and loop weatherproof fly allow this tent to be used in all weather conditions. Even if the weather turns on you and starts to snow, you will be safe and snug inside this four season Wnnideo tent.

However, if you plan to take this into higher altitude you may want to get a different tent. This tent will take a beating, but you will need something that has a bit more protection for the blow freezing camping adventures.

When it comes to packing up, the Wnnideo only weighs 8 pounds. This tent is somewhat light depending on where you are going. It also comes with its own storage bag so you never have to search for the poles or weather fly. Everything packs neatly into the sack and is ready when you are.

Features I Liked:

[rara_list list_type=”rara-list-style1″]
[rara_li]Use all year round[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Comes with everything you need to hang it.[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Super easy setup[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Reasonably lightweight[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Comes with waterproof fly for all occasions[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Spacious for three people[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Sturdy and durable[/rara_li]


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2. Sundome Backpacking Tent

The Sundome tent is one of those tents that can fit three people comfortably. While each person will have a bit of wiggle room, there won’t be much room for extra gear. What makes the Sundome so great is its electric accessibility port that allows you to stay plugged in.

This tent is perfect for those camping areas that are public venues instead of the backcountry. You can take this tent anywhere as it is constructed from polyester. Plus the fiberglass poles keeps the tent upright in rough weather and the polyethylene flooring makes it durable for whatever you throw into it.

The tent is fairly easy to set up and takes a single person about 10 minutes. You will get plenty of air circulating through the tent during hot summer nights thanks to the mesh windows. Plus the critters will have a hard time finding their way in due to the lip of the entrance.

With the Sundome by Coleman, you don’t need to worry about the tent stretching or tearing. Coleman is known to make excellent tents for all seasons and the Sundome is no exceptions.

You can easily fit a queen size mattress inside the tent for ultimate sleeping comfort. As for packing for camping trips, the tent weighs in at 8.25 pounds.

Features I Liked:

[rara_list list_type=”rara-list-style1″]
[rara_li]Made by Coleman[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Sleeps three comfortably[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Strong and durable[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Sleeps 3 comfortably.[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Quick and easy setup[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Electric port to stay plugged in and connected[/rara_li]


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3. Seemo Backpacking Tent

The Semoo is the perfect tent through Fall, Spring, and Summer. It doesn’t hold up well in colder weather, but if a surprise snow drift comes through, it will keep you snug.

You will find that the Semoo will fit three people very comfortably along with any extra gear. The sleeping conditions aren’t head to head like some of the other three person tents. You actually do have a bit of room to spare with this tent. Plus the vestibule offers added storage space just in case you may need it.

When it comes to construction, the Semoo is made of polyester with polyurethane for the sidewalls and fly. The flooring is constructed with polyethylene making extra durable and the poles are fiberglass. You will easily find that this tent can withstand high gusts of the wind to torrential down spring downpours. The only thing it doesn’t hold up well to is snow.

Set up is easy and take less than five minutes for one person. While you can’t exactly stand up in it unless you are 51 or shorter, you can sit up and relax on a chair if you wanted to.

Air circulation isn’t an issue either with the Semoo. You can easily take off the fly to uncover the mesh top. Plus the door also offers mesh lining to allow for the breeze to come in and cool you off at night. When it comes to packing this tent up and taking it along for the adventure, the tent only weighs 7.26 pounds.

Features I Liked:

[rara_list list_type=”rara-list-style1″]
[rara_li]Lightweight tent[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Easy set up[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Spacious and Roomy with extra storage space[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Air circulation[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Comes with a storage bag for convenience.[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Wind shields for extra protection[/rara_li]


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4. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Tent

Looking for a tent that is beyond easy to set up? Then the ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Tent is the tent for you. You will find that one person can set up this 3-person tent in a matter of minutes due to the quick n’ easy pop into place design. Simply unroll the tent, stretch out the sides, pull up the tent and snap the switches into place. Really simple and easy design that takes no time at all to get you set up and ready for some relaxation.

The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Tent offers two entries allowing you and your friend’s easy entry and exiting at any hour. You will also find that the ALPS offers you plenty of space so you aren’t crawling over anybody. The tent allows you fit a full-size air mattress with plenty of extra room for your gear.

When it comes to staying cool, the tent offers plenty of air circulation through the double doors. The rainfly is already attached to the tent so you don’t have to mess with it later. Or, if you want to you can detach the rain fly and use it separately to shield you from the sun.

The creepy crawlers won’t be able to keep you company with the lip that goes around the tent. The only downside is to remember to step up when entering or exiting the tent. Taking this tent on your next adventure won’t take up much room due to it weighing only 7.5 pounds.

Features I Liked:

[rara_list list_type=”rara-list-style1″]
[rara_li]Detachable rainfly that can support itself[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Air circulation[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Super easy setup[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Hooks inside tent to hang lights[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Interior pockets for extra storage space[/rara_li]
[rara_li]UV Proof[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Durable and Reliable[/rara_li]


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5. Wenzel Alpine Backpacking Tent

The Wenzel Alpine offers a unique design that allows three people to sleep comfortably with space to wiggle. You will find that the pentadome tent comes with shock-corded fiberglass frame. This design makes it super easy to set up and ready for sleep.

With the Wensel Alpine, you don’t have to worry about the dirt you may track into the tent as it comes with a mud mat with drainage strip. Plus it comes with tub-like flooring that will keep the critters and water out of your sleeping area.

During the hot nights, it is easy to cool off. Simply open the all three windows for ultimate air circulation. Should it start to rain, the tent comes with a rain fly to keep you snug and dry inside while the rain comes down outside.

This strong and durable tent is very rugged and will resist tears and leaks thanks to its polyurethane coating and sonically sealed polyethylene construction.

When it comes to packing up the Wenzel Alpine and taking it into the backcountry, it is lightweight coming in at only 8 pounds.

Features I Liked:

[rara_list list_type=”rara-list-style1″]
[rara_li]Unique structure offering more room[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Easy set up[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Durable and Sturdy[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Air ventilation[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Mud mat included[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Tub like flooring to keep critters out[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Steel Stakes[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Fits a Queen size air mattress with plenty of spare room[/rara_li][/rara_list]

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Best Pick:

Out of the five on this list, the best one you can get for the money is the Wnnideo. With the Wnnideo you don’t have to worry about getting caught in that storm. The tent is constructed with high-quality material guaranteed to keep you dry. It actually fits three people comfortably with plenty of room to spare.

When you take the tent on your next adventure you are going to have to lug it separately as it doesn’t fit well in a backpack. However, if you have a hiking backpack that has spare loops or hooks you could easily latch this on and get going.

Now, if you are in a dryer area and don’t think in a million years you will get caught in rain or snow, then go with the Semoo. The ventilation and over all sturdiness of the tent will fit your adventure without weighing you down as it is the lightest tent on this list.

Tips When Buying Tents

There are certain things that you should always consider when picking up tents when you are set to go hiking and camping. That is particularly because you surely would want comfort, more space and be able to move the tent anywhere you’d get to.

Here are a few things to note:

Size matters

Even if the packaging tells you that it fits a certain amount of people, don’t believe it. You will need extra room for your stuff. Especially in an area that has a lot of wildlife. The last thing you want to do is leave your grub out for critters to get it. That is why it is so important to have enough space for your gear inside your tent.


Depending on how you like to sleep, you should get a tent that will accommodate an air mattress. Just because you think you have set up the tent on a soft area, doesn’t mean you actually did. You won’t find out for sure until you try to go to sleep. That is when all the bumps, rocks, and crawlers come out.


You should also look for a tent that offers more than one entry way. Nowadays many tents come with double doors which help everyone get extra sleep- especially when nature calls in the middle of the night. The double doors are also safety features that allow everyone a way out quickly and efficiently during emergency situations.


Finding a tent that actually has the right amount of space can be tricky. Even though you may think that you have the dimensions down, you will always find you need more room. That is why it is so important to go with a tent that is bigger than what you think you will need.

The last thing you want is to get out to your favorite spot, set up and realize that there just isn’t enough room. Then you have to draw straws to figure out who is sleeping under the stars.

The only exception to that rule is if you are hiking in the backcountry and are looking to cut down on weight. Then you will definitely need a tent that is not only compactable but one that accommodates the bare minimal.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas to look for when picking out the right one. Don’t just go for the one that looks pretty, go for the one that will function properly and hold up to all the elements. You never know what to expect when you are out camping, so always be prepared.

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